Goochland Community Theatre will begin the process of auditioning for our Fall Production of “Maids of Honor” by Joan Casademont.
ABOUT THE SHOW: Monica Bowlin, a local TV talk show host, is getting married. Her sisters, Isabelle and Annie, are intent on talking her out of it. The groom to be has neglected to tell his intended that he is about to be indicted for insider trading. Monica has a secret too she’s pregnant, possibly not by her groom to be! All is uncovered by kookie Isabelle, who aspires to be an investigative reporter, and she ties to convince Monica that ex boyfriend Roger Dowling is a better matrimonial choice. Meanwhile, Annie should be marrying the caterer for the wedding old flame Harry Hobson but she can’t relax enough to see how perfect he is for her. The Bowlin women’s difficulties with men, which result from a childhood with an alcoholic father and an abused mother, unfold amid laughter in this delightful, wise and warm hearted play.
ISABELLE (IZZY) BOWLIN, 27, the youngest sister
ANNIE BOWLIN, 30, The middle Sister
MONICA BOWLIN, 33, the eldest sister
PAT WEINHARDT, 33, Monica’s best friend
HARRY HOBSON, 32, Annie’s old fiance
JOEL SILVERMAN, 25, a reporter, Izzy’s friend
ROGER DOWLING, 34, Monica’s ex-boyfriend
The show will be performed September 17-19, 2021.
WHEN: JULY 12th AND 13th at Central High School Cultural and Educational Center. (address on flyer)
JULY 14th via Zoom. (Email to set up a time.)
You do not need to prepare anything, audition materials will be provided from cold readings.
We are so excited to be back and we can’t wait to see you again!
If you have any questions, please reach out at