It has been quite the journey to go from the seed of an idea to the roots that have laid the foundation for an ever-expanding, registered 501c3 Non-profit program to bring more of the Arts to the county of Goochland. The community support that has taken us this far has only added fuel to the fire of our Board of Directors, who are working tirelessly to expand our outreach in search of being able to bring community enrichment, involvement, and empowerment through the benefits of having a home stage available for those who seek the refined nature of a local Arts program.

While we still have quite the journey laid out before us (and ever expanding!), we are confident that with the support of our community we can continue to grow and evolve in a way that promotes the many beneficial effects of having a program dedicated to the Arts. Join us on our journey, show your community pride, and take part in building a program that will last for many years to come!

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Without further adieu, it is with profound pleasure that we welcome you to the official website for the Goochland Community Theatre.