These distinguished members of the Goochland Community Theatre’s Board of Directors serve as volunteers who ensure the vital roles of our organization are fulfilled in ways that align with our vision for the future of our non-profit. Without them, the Theatre would not be able to operate; they are essential to the growth and sustainability that we require to thrive in the community.

Jennifer Layton

Managing Executive Director

Dakota Jones

Producing Artistic Director

Crystal Neilson-Hall

Vice President

Rebecca Guthrie


Melissa Carscadden

Publicity Director

Deb Loving

Graphic Designer, Set and Prop Designer

Dillon White

Board Member

Dee Sims

Board Member

Liz Konikoff

Board Member

Kevin Neilson-Hall

Board Member

Sara Brown

Board Member

Luke Fleischman

Board Member

Elisha Kiser

Board Member

Chuck Brown

Board Member

Jennifer Strozier

Board Member