Props & Wardrobe

Donating time is a fantastic way of helping us achieve our goal of community involvement in the Theatre, but we understand that time is scarce for a lot of people. If you’ve got a few old items laying around, collecting dust, we’re more than happy to take them off your hands!

  • Decluttering and don’t want to trash your treasures?
  • Maybe you had a costume party last Halloween and couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of them “just in case”?
  • Or perhaps you have an old sofa taking up space in the garage and don’t have the means to haul it away?

If you feel that you have props or wardrobe pieces that you can donate to our cause, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us below and let us know how you can help enrich our community!

    Not ready to box it up yet?

    We understand those hoarding tendencies, and believe us when we say we know the feeling.

    If you find yourself wanting to donate to a worthy cause, we are always welcoming of tax-deductible monetary donations, both online and through the mail; in addition, donating your time to help with productions is a wonderful way to help us out!