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Volunteering for Goochland Community Theatre is an immersive and rewarding experience that breathes life into the captivating world of performing arts. It’s an open invitation to be a part of something truly special, where your time and skills contribute to the enchantment of live performances. Whether you’re passionate about set design, lighting, ushering, costumes, or any aspect of production, there’s a place for your unique talents. Engage with a vibrant community, forge new friendships, and witness the transformative power of collaborative creativity. Your dedication helps create memorable experiences for audiences and supports the growth of local talent, fostering a rich cultural tapestry within your community. Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers and become an essential pillar in the captivating story of the community theatre.

Join the Board

Joining the Goochland Community Theatre Board of Directors is a thrilling opportunity to be a driving force behind the magic of local performing arts. As a member, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the creative vision, strategic planning, and operational success of the theatre. Your contributions will directly impact the diverse array of productions, outreach programs, and the overall cultural enrichment of the community. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, you’ll have the chance to bring your expertise, passion, and innovative ideas to the table, fostering a vibrant, inclusive space for artists and audiences alike. Embrace the chance to make a lasting difference, supporting the arts and nurturing a vibrant cultural hub within your community.

We are always looking for additional board members to bring unique perspectives to our group. If you would like to join our board please email us for more information.