Our History

As a passionate theatre enthusiast and a parent eager to share the magic of the stage with her son, Dakota, Jennifer Layton embarked on a journey to ignite the love of drama in the Goochland community. Dakota’s interest in drama blossomed during fifth grade, leading her to initiate a Drama Club at Byrd Elementary School. With over 50 enthusiastic children, they explored various aspects of theatre, offering games and warm-ups as an introduction to the world of performing arts before their middle and high school experiences. It was a wonderful experience but truly highlighted the absence of a theatre presence in Goochland County. Jennifer yearned for a creative space within Goochland, so the two of them took the initiative to establish a community theatre. 

They began navigating the legal intricacies, they sought guidance from a non-profit attorney to establish our board of directors, business plan, articles of incorporation, and bylaws by May 2019. Achieving certification from the State Corporation Commission in June 2019 and acquiring our 501(c)(3) non-profit status in July 2019, Goochland Community Theatre was officially on its way.

Our dream found a physical space when we collaborated with the county, securing Central High’s stage as our home platform. The inaugural performance by an all-adult cast in December 2019 marked the beginning of our journey. Following it, our children’s play debuted on March 12, 2020, only to be abruptly halted by the challenging circumstances brought on by Covid-19. Despite the setback, we resumed our activities in September 2021.Since our return, we’ve seen numerous successful shows, creating a nurturing environment where individuality thrives. 

We are always adding new enthusiastic individuals to our team and are grateful for every individual who donates there time to bringing each show to life. We are an organization that runs completely with the help of volunteers. Without our community none of this would be possible.