Actor Interview – Meagan Justice

Meagan is the incredibly talented actor playing Truvy for our production of Steel Magnolias. Truvy is a truly an iconic character, who was made so by one of the most iconic women in recent American history. Meagan entered this role with some big shoes to fill (In a good shoe a size 6, but sevens feel so good she buys a size eight) and let me tell you… she does not disappoint. She is full of sass and it’s impossible not to fall in love with her version of Truvy, just like we all did Dolly’s.

The most important aspect of Steel Magnolias is relationships. These women love and support each other. Some of the characters have known each other a lifetime, while others are new to the group. With a show like this it is important that the relationships feel real to the audience, and in the case of our Annelle (Emily) and Truvy (Meagan) that relationship is real. They have been friends since they were fourteen years old!

Tell us a little about you!

My name is Meagan Justice, and this is my first show with GCT! I am a middle school theatre teacher, bookworm, and dog lover.

What has been the most impactful female relationship(s) in your life?

The most impactful female relationship in my life is my relationship with my mom. When I have exciting news, am in a tough situation, or am trying to make life decisions, I always turn to my mom first. I look up to her strength, her kindness, and how she loves to laugh and have fun.

How is this production bringing something new to the show?

I think this production brings something new because so many of the cast members know each other in real life. The relationships between the women in this show can make or break its success, and I think the fact that many of us were friends offstage before starting the production really shows in the way we interact in character.

What do you love about your character?

I love how warm Truvy is. She just loves love! She is excited for the women in her life when they find romantic love, but she is also one of the most driving forces behind the familial and platonic love we see throughout the show. 

If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be?

If I could play any other role in this show, I’d like to play Shelby.

What is your favorite line?

My favorite line of Truvy’s is: “This is what really melts my butter!”

Who should come see this show?

I think everyone can get something from this show. But I think it will be extra special for groups of female friends, moms and daughters, and sisters!

Aside from this one, what is your favorite role you’ve ever played?

Aside from Truvy, my favorite role I’ve played is Joana “Joey” Drayton in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” I got to explore a wonderful mix of humor and drama, and I was surrounded by a fantastic cast. 

Besides this one, what is your favorite stage show?

My favorite stage play is William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, how do you spend your time?

In a five- minute break from rehearsal, I spend my time chatting with our cast and crew.

Who’s the funniest person in the cast in real life?

I think Kim is the funniest person in the cast in real life!

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