Actor Interview – Bryce Neilson-Hall

Opening night for My Brother’s Gift is right around the corner! As we are hard at work with rehearsals we decided to take some time out to help all of you get to know our amazing cast and learn a little about this truly special show.

Next up on our list is Bryce Neilson-Hall! She plays Eva, one of the two lead characters in My Brother’s Gift.

Bryce Neilson-Hall is a 6th grader at Goochland Middle School who LOVES theater. This is her forth production acting with Goochland Community Theatre. She also appeared in Kid Frankenstein, No Signs of Intelligent Life, and wrote, directed, and starred in That’s So Goochland. She has also helped with crew and selling concessions for other GCT shows. In her free time Bryce loves to read, play the flute, study biology, and play with her two ferrets, Ginger and Sushi.

Tell us about your character:

My characters name is Eva. She is a very funny, silly, and rambunctious kid, but in times must be very serious. In this world there is one thing she loves the must and that is her brother.

What is your favorite scene? Why?

My favorite scene is The Boat scene, because it is a very fun and silly scene in a serious play. This Scene gives you little break from the serious subject matter.

Aside from your own character, who is your favorite character in this production and why?

My other favorite character in this play is Heinz because he is very interesting incredible character. The way Oliver plays Heinz makes the character even more amazing. He is the perfect person for this role.

What do you love about your character?

What I love about my character is she is really kind and loves her brother. 

What do you hate about your character?

 What I hate about my character is how chaotic she is sometimes. She can’t really sit still.

What has your experience with GCT (past and present) been like?

My experience with GCT has been incredible. It is so fun and amazing to do plays with them. I have made great friends and I can’t wait to do more plays. 

Why is GCT important to you?

GCT is important because it can be a very fun place when I’m upset or even when I’m at my worst state the people at GCT will bring me back up. I’ve never walked out of GCT upset.

What do you do when you are not doing theatre?

I enjoy playing flute, studying, reading, or talking to friends.