Actor Interview – Dillon White

Opening night for My Brother’s Gift is right around the corner! As we are hard at work with rehearsals we decided to take some time out to help all of you get to know our amazing cast and learn a little about this truly special show.

Next up on our list is GCT’s beloved director of our youth productions who plays several amazing characters in My Brother’s Gift.

Dillon is so excited to bring to life this wonderful show for you! Dillon has been performing on and off for a decade now and he has never felt more love and passion for theatre thanks to GCT. You might have seen Dillon in Goochland High School productions of Little Shop of Horrors, Fiddler on the Roof, and How to Succeed in Business without really trying. As well as SPARC productions of Oliver and Aida. 

Tell us about your character(s)

The three characters I play are Pappy, Herman and Christoffel. Pappy is a loving father who will stop at nothing to keep his family safe and healthy. Herman is a lovable goof and one of Heniz’s friends. Christoffel is someone who is just wanting to move on from the war and doesn’t want to live in the past

What is it like playing a real person?

This is the first time I’ve played an actual account of someone and not a fictionalized version of someone. I find that playing real people can limit you a bit but in a good way. It can help you bring that person more to light and give you more of a reference as an actor on where to take some scenes.

What is your favorite scene? Why?

My favorite scenes have to say is the scene right before intermission where the family decides it’s time to go into hiding. The emotions and the fear in that scene is so well transcribed I enjoy it very much.

What was the biggest challenge for you with this role?

Feeling fatherly. I feel as though being as young as I am, I am finding hard at times to expand and feel what it feels to be a father.

What was your favorite part of this role?

The family aspect. Shows with a strong knit family like this just feel so connected and alive.

Aside from your own character, who is your favorite character in this production and why?

I would have to say Eva present and past. Both characters just easily complement each other with childlike wonder and excitement and how harsh and crushing reality can be while still maintaining that air of nostalgia and joy from the good memories.

Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I find that not only was the show very interesting but something interesting for GCT to put on and something that I feel can couple well with messages that need to be learned right now the power of art!

What sort of person is going to love this show?

I would say anyone can love this show but the people who will really love it are people who use art as a tool to make it through times that are the toughest.

What will the audience be thinking about as they leave this show?

My hope is that they go away thinking about how powerful art can be in times of tragedy and how family, biological or found, above all can make even the hardest times feel lighter

Why is GCT important to you?

GCT gave me something to hold on to when I was at my lowest. It gave me people who cared about theatre and cared about all the people in theatre. It gave me people I will hopefully hold on to for years to come. It gave me a purpose I didn’t know I had and probably would have never discovered without it GCT has my heart and it always will.

If someone was interested in joining the theatre as either an actor or as a crew member what advice would you give them?

Never be afraid to ask a question or jump in and give a different point of view. Community theatre is always about putting on the best show possible.

What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage?

I always double check my lines and do a three step deep breaths in and out

Besides this one, what production that you have been a part of is your favorite?

Of all time I’d have to say Little Shop of Horrors. My favorite GCT production however I’d have to say Kid Frankenstein

What is a show you have always dreamed of doing?

I’m gonna give two… Directing wise I want to direct the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Acting wise I’d have to say Avenue Q

What sparked your love for theatre?

Goochland High Schools production of Anything Goes. I saw it all three nights and fell in love with theatre right there.

What do you do when you are not doing theatre?

I’m working, listening to music or just relaxing or unwinding.